Review Asus G75V Notebook

Gaming notebooks are a dying breed with just a handful of models offered here in India. Gaming is the driving pressure for equipment and also it’s no exception in the case of notebooks. Gamings require a great deal and gaming note pads need to provide by way of performances and functions. They’re frequently cumbersome as well as not really as mobile as a lot of the various other note pads. Still, there’s constantly some renovation with every model. Asus’ brand-new G75V is one of those outrageous type of gaming noteboks and also we have it below for evaluation.

Design and build quality

Gaming laptop computers are rarely mobile as well as compact. The Asus G75V is no exemption to that policy. The notebook is huge with its 17-inch display screen. It’s also really thick and hefty. The bezel on it isn’t really slim, so it does tend to inhabit a great deal of area. Actually, you could not have the ability to lug it in a really little backpack; you require something a little bit larger than that. Even if you could, it’s not that the G75V is a light notebook. It evaluates a great 4.3 kilos in weight, which is not something you would certainly such as to carry on a routine basis.

With its bulk and also weight, you additionally get a really tough built. The G75V has a matte, rubberised coating on the top. It implies no spots, however great scrapes and bumps can be noticed if you typically aren’t also careful. Whatever concerning the G75V is enormous. It’s obtained a big screen, a huge key-board, huge exhausts to burn out warm hair from the large discrete graphics solution. The exhaust vents are placed at the rear of the notebook. They’re made to be sneaky as well as have an aggressive look and feel to them, most likely to make the note pad more appealing to gamers. There’s additionally a removable battery pack at the rear; it’s thick but does not look also big.

The keyboard on the Asus G75V is really well spread out. There’s a numerical pad with clear spacing to separate the alphabets from it. The trackpad is huge as are the mouse buttons. The buttons are solid as well as can take a lot of abuse. The keyboard, on the other hand, isn’t really as strong but is better compared to most of the mainstream notebooks in the marketplace. There are some minor issues with the keyboard though. For instance, the Enter key on the keyboard is smaller compared to the ideal Ctrl secret. The function keys are small as is the Delete vital, which is a disadvantage. The rest of the tricks are typical chiclet-style ones.


The Asus G75V has a mighty Intel Core i7 3720 processor under the hood. It’s the second most powerful mobile processor available from Intel. It’s a quad-core processor with hyperthreading and performs at a rate of 2.6 GHz. With Turbo Boost made it possible for, it comes to a head at a speed of 3.6 GHz. The laptop goes across all boundaries and Asus is packing 16GB of memory with the note pad. There’s even a 256GB LiteOn SSD onboard for sheer efficiency along with a Seagate 750GB disk drive for sensible storage ability. Yet the key part in this entire setup is, certainly, the graphics remedy — the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670M. The 17-inch screen supports a resolution of 1920 x 1080, which is as high as it jumps on note pads nowadays.

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The Asus G75V likewise includes a party piece though. It comes bundled with NVIDIA’s 3DTV Play glasses so you can video game in 3D if you feel the urge to. There’s also a key on the laptop devoted for toggling in between 2D and also 3D. There’s likewise a Blu-ray drive developed right into the laptop.

Connection alternatives are essential as well, as a player could choose to plug in anything from an efficiency gaming mouse to a big external storage device. There are four USB 3.0 ports. There are the typical HDMI, D-Sub as well as Ethernet ports too.


The G75V executes instead well. It’s fast across all the standards and also creates outstanding scores. It’s clearly one of the fastest note pads around. Take PC Mark 7 for instance, which is a suitable method to get an idea of the total system performance. It tests all of the subsystems of the system well. It scores a 5265 on the whole, much above a lot of the mainstream note pads. 3D graphics performance is assessed utilizing 3D Mark Vantage. In this test, the G75V reaches a score of 48326, which is way above other notebook we’ve seen lately. This performance is all to the powerful GeForce GTX670M GPU.

The performance increase is seen in other applications too. As an example, video clip encoding and file compression jobs take little time. Video encoding of a 100MB clip to x264 making use of a double-pass takes 53.7 secs. The same job would generally take over a min and a fifty percent on a mainstream laptop priced in the Rs 60,000 mark.

The 3D glasses bundled with the notebook are active ones, so there is some flickering when you put them on. The glasses are a bit large and also have to be charged using a micro USB cable television. They are the basic NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 pair of glasses and have extra noise assistance obstructs.

In regards to battery life, it lasts a bit greater than a hr, which isn’t all that fantastic. The screen qualiy is suitable. It’s brilliant and also vivid as well as viewing angles aren’t also worn-out either. Speakers are loud also, so it’s possible to get a sensibly immersive experience on the G75V while gaming and enjoying movies.

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Games typically aren’t much of a trouble either. Games such as Crysis 2 could perform at 1920 x 1080 at Hardcore level with 3D allowed without any noticable stuttering. If you’re going to be playing without 3D, the experience will only be better. Titles such as Resident Evil 5 perform at a typical framework price of 58.1 fps at 1920 x 1080 32bit with image quality readied to extreme degrees. Many other titles will not be a trouble either. There’s hardly any heat throughout the laptop key-board thus, yet the rear of the laptop obtains pretty warm once you have video games competing a while.


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