Asus X53E SX-1186V Laptop review

It is not often that we stray far from storage space reviews below at Asus Drivers Download , but on this occasion I have decided to cover a complete system, in this case a laptop PC in the form of the Asus X53E SX-1186V.

I received this laptop as an unanticipated Christmas existing, as well as having actually played around with the laptop for a few days I decided that I could possibly assess the item, and pass on the details I have actually discovered this system.

Asus X53E SX-1186V Laptop review

The Asus X53E SX-1186V is my very first laptop. I commonly obtained my hubby’s laptop, much to his nuisance. This aggravation was obviously kept in mind by my moms and dads, as well as they involved the verdict that they need to possibly acquire me a laptop of my very own.

The Asus X53E SX-1186V is aimed at the house individual for multimedia, company, internet surfing, as well as casual mainstream usage. The X53E SX-1186V is not targeted at serious gamers, as the X53E SX-1186V is not fitted with a devoted GPU, and also rather uses the Intel HD3000 graphics installed in the Sandy Bridge CPU package. This isn’t to say that you can’t play video games on the X53E SX-1186V, you can, and also what is more it plays them rather well regarding I can see. But it must be kept in mind, I’m not a gaming person.

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In this article I will certainly standard the Asus X53E SX-1186V, and also will likewise perform some real life examinations. I will certainly additionally be comparing the Asus X53E SX-1186V with a couple of various other laptop PCs, as well as a few Desktop PCs.

The Asus X53E SX-1186V has a 15.6 inch, 16:9 proportion LED backlit display with a gloss coating, and also a display resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The key-board is the common laptop event, but furthermore has a really useful numeric keypad. We could additionally see a big touchpad with two switches. We can additionally see numerous logos, however we will certainly cover these in the specifications.


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