Asus K52F review

You wouldn’t select the Asus K52F as a sub-AU$ 1000 laptop– it’s trendy, with patterned copper and also gloss black looks, as well as has an exceptional construct high quality that hints it’s substantially much more expensive compared to it actually is. Also the screen follows this trend, providing the very best visuals we’ve seen on a laptop this cheap, supplying superb comparison as well as illumination.

Asus K52F

The keyboard is outstanding too, featuring the island-style design that Apple made so preferred. Asus’ keyboard takes care of to squeeze in a horizontally crushed numpad also, full with dedicated Home/End and Pg Up/Pg Dn keys. Throwing current trends, Asus’ F secrets have remained as F secrets– with points like volume control and illumination remaining as second functions requiring the Fn switch to be pressed in order to trigger.

The touch pad is textured like the surface area of the laptop, but is extremely receptive and multi-touch, sustaining two-finger swiping to scroll, and also 2- or three-finger tapping for middle as well as best clicking. We just wish more suppliers would certainly support this.

Under the touch pad are the status lights; nonetheless, you ‘d barely be able to inform, as the lights themselves display a subtle, low strength environment-friendly. This is excellent for reducing disturbance, but exactly what isn’t really fantastic are the labels, which get concealed in the texturing of the laptop as well as are hard to see in all but the most optimal lighting conditions. The only other light is a soft white light beside the silver power button on top right.

While we’re normally down on laptop speakers and their absurd Dolby logos, Asus’ SRS solution does in fact make a difference as a result of a consisted of control board that lets you change the tonality. It’s not a silver bullet; virtually any pair of headphones will give far better quality compared to the integrated speakers, yet it’s valued that Asus is attempting to do something regarding the issue.

Specifications and links
Powered on a Core i3-350M, the K52F is a dual-core cpu with hyperthreading, offering as 4 strings. It’s sustained by 2GB RAM, a DVD+- RW and a 15.6-inch, 1366×768 display. While there are less expensive SKUs that offer a 320GB disk drive and also Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit, ours came with a 500GB drive running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

The K52F supplies 3 USB ports, VGA as well as HDMI out, an MMC/SD/MS card reader and 3.5 mm headphone and also microphone jacks. Networking is supported by gigabit Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n, although Asus has actually preferred to leave out Bluetooth assistance, most likely to maintain prices down.

Software and Drivers
Working on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit, Asus’ desktop computer is just one of the busiest we’ve seen, with a mix of home-grown devices and also a boodle of crapware to choose it. It has actually clearly determined that “with the most software program victories”, regardless of top quality. Read ASUS K52F Drivers

Pattern Micro is the antivirus test of selection, with Office 2007 as well as the horrifically bad “GamePark” tests to go with it. Not all is software application of the ending kind however– Windows Live Essentials is packed in, as is CyberLink’s Blu-ray Disc Suite and also PowerDVD 9. Strangely enough, Asus has additionally packed Google Chrome, perhaps instead of the Google toolbar in Internet Explorer– instead it’s pirated by the Windows Live toolbar, thanks to the Live Essentials installment.

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